About Kevin Clark

There’s a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction when you’re told your food is good!  In the winter of 2015 a good friend and the owner of Twisted Rail Brewery, Ian Boni along with his partner John Mcmullen asked me if I’d help establish some new recipes for them. As we started to develop a menu for the brewery I found an old wing sauce recipe which gave me the idea to start one of my own. Using a variety of delicious and unique ingredients I started to make a sauce with different flavors and blends. 

I “twisted” it up! 

It became obvious early on Twisted BBQ Sauce was good on A LOT! – Not Just Wings!...so I added it to many items on the menu. I also thought, maybe I could sell this stuff!? In the summer of 2016 I met a good friend Joey Cereo out for some drinks. He shared a love for my sauce and agreed I should think about selling it. From there a partnership was made and Clarky’s Twisted Sauce was officially born!  We now have four fantastic flavors, Original, Mild, Spicy, and Red Garlic Parmesan - All different but equally amazing. 

Thank you Ian Boni and John Mcmullen! For giving me a chance and allowing me to bring my sauce recipes into the Twisted Rail Brewery. Both locations utilize what is now Clarky's Twisted Sauce and I look forward to our continued long-term relationship. Sometimes it’s strange how paths cross…Thank you Joey Cereo! For taking a chance and believing in me! 

Twisted Guy's LLC born in 2017