Includes all 4 of Clarky's Fantastic Full Flavored Sauces (or choose 4 of your favorite!)





Individual Bottles / $7

Shipping is available. Contact Kevin or Joey!



Mark Tornstrom / Canandaigua, NY

Wow! Just received my first order a few days ago and already gone through a quart just as a garnish. Love the flavor and the "smoke" which really sets it apart for me. The balance is great so it appeals to lots of people. The regular we have tried is not to sweet and not too spicy. Waiting to play with the spicy for myself but so far outstanding! 

Nice job Kevin and team  

Melissa Castro / Canandaigua, NY

 Absolutely amazing! I love every flavor, yummy! 

We put twisted sauce on all kinds of food!

Bob Spadafora / Canandaigua, NY

I've tried this sauce on and in so many foods. It's awesome! Probably the best so far is in Wendy's Chili. Wendy’s chili is made more on the sweet side. Adding Twisted sauce to their chili made it explode with both sweet and spicy flavors.  Try it!

Brian Coghlan / Auburn, NY

I love the Garlic Parm! It's sweet but not too sweet...the parmesan adds a nice cheesy and flavorful taste to complement the other spices but it's not over done. I love the spicy sauce too! It's the kind of hot that lingers on the palette... "Nailed it"